How does Table 71 contribute toward reaching this goal?

In June 2002, through the study of Luke 5:1-11, God orchestrated a turning point in the partnering relationships among the Table 71 organizations.  The result was what is called the “Managing Partner Concept” which is detailed as follows:

  1. We agreed to a model, where, as God directs, a Table 71 member has the privilege and responsibility to be a managing partner for a long or short-term project that would benefit from support from other Table 71 members.
  2. We agreed that each member has the responsibility to communicate within his or her own organization about the mission, dream, essential elements, and commitment of Table 71 to those people who may become involved in one of these projects.
  3. We agreed that, within the context of Table 71, a managing partner would only bring a project to the other members that are within the scope of Table 71’s mission and essential elements.
  4. We agreed to respond to a managing partner’s requests for help with support whenever possible.
  5. We agreed that there must be parallel efforts always ongoing.  There will be short-term projects that meet current needs and there will be long-term strategies that will provide the foundation needed to fulfill the goal.
Then, God blessed all of us with the following outgrowths of the relationships among the Table 71 organizations. Although all of these efforts have multiple roots extending back further, these various efforts were formally commenced and supported by Table 71 in 2003.

OneStory (originally formed as Epic) April 2004
International Orality Network Feb. 2005
Finishing the Task Nov. 2005
Call2All (growth out of GPN) June 2007