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Call2All is an global movement of church and missions leaders from many denominations and agencies to finish Christ’s Great Commission to take the gospel to all peoples and nations. Call2All and the University of the Nations Kona campus are dedicated to working together as a catalyst for this international movement, providing people, resources and strategies to keep it focused on the goal.

Call2All Director Mark Anderson has moved his base of operations to the Kona campus in preparation for the upcoming congresses in Asia.

A series of 40 Call2All Congresses began in Orlando, Florida, in January 2008. Others have been held in Africa, Hong Kong, Canada and the Pacific. The goal of these Call2All Congresses is to equip 100,000 key leaders – pastors, educators, businessmen, media leaders, artists, entertainers, scientists, government and civic leaders – to focus on the completion of the Great Commission. The international coordinating office for these events is being established at UofN Kona. The Call2All movement is fostering unprecedented collaboration among key missions and church leaders. At the first Congress in Orlando, Florida, the leaders and CEOs of 163 church denominations, mission agencies and Christian NGOs committed together.


Finishing The Task (FTT)

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About Finishing the Task: Jesus gave us the task of making disciples of all nations, and we know that eventually there will be people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation around his throne. Yet right now there are still nearly 7,000 unreached people groups in the world.

Even more astonishing, there are over 1,300 people groups who are not only unreached, but no one is even trying to reach them. Mission strategists call them “unengaged.” After 2,000 years, it should be unthinkable to us as the church of Jesus Christ that there would be any unengaged people groups left in the world.

Finishing the Great Commission can be defined in different ways, but what is most important is that we start to finish the task. It will be accomplished primarily through local congregations planting indigenous churches among the people groups they adopt.

Finishing the Task (FTT) is an association of mission agencies and churches who want to see reproducing churches planted among every people group in the world. In 2006, FTT identified 639 unreached, unengaged people groups with populations above 100,000. Since then, 557 of these people groups have been engaged with the Gospel, with church planting started in 322 of them.

Your church can start reaching one or more unengaged people groups today. The FTT mission agencies are here to help your church succeed with proven and effective strategies that are simple and quick to initiate. Begin now by contacting us, and together, let’s get started and finish the task!

International Orality Network (ION)

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The Vision of the International Orality Network is “To influence the Body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners.”  The Mission Statement of ION is “Seeking to radically influence the way oral preference learners are evangelized and discipled in every people group.”

ION began in 2001 as the Oral Bible Network (OBN). It was established to address the issue of effectively serving oral preferenced communicators in the context of who they were. The initial partners that started OBN were Campus Crusade for Christ, International Mission Board, Scriptures in Use, and Wycliffe International.

In 2002 and 2004 OBN held two Consultations attended by more than 50 different organizations, which resulted in a growing awareness among ministries of the reality of the need to change to purposely serve oral preferenced communicators. The broadening circle of partners grew to include Bihar Out Reach Network (BORN), Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), NTM, EPIC Partners – which became the OneStory partnership in 2006, The God’s Story Project, The Seed Company, TWR, VMS, VisionSynergy, and Youth With a Mission (YWAM).

The Making Disciples of Oral Learners Working Group of the 2004 Lausanne Forum on World Evangelization merged together with OBN becoming International Orality Network (ION) with the mission to radically influence the way oral preferenced communicators are evangelized and discipled in every people group. It serves to bring awareness and understanding of orality and oral preferenced communicators and connects mission organizations, churches, people who are reaching oral communicators, especially unreached people groups, to training resources as well as strategies that incorporate oral communication art forms, including various ways to implement storying programs.  ION continues to grow its partnerships and impact.  Additional information is given on the ION website.

Issachar Initiative

Contact: Paul Eshleman

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The Issachar Initiative exists to serve the body of Christ by bringing vision and focus so its resources are strategically directed toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. To become a trusted source of information influencing ministry activities and financial investments toward the least-reached people of the world helping to fulfill the missional aspect of the Great Commission.

One Story

Contact: Tom Watkins

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The majority of the world’s unreached people groups are made up of oral-preference learners, who often have no written language of their own. In order to reach them, OneStory works with mother-tongue speakers to develop and record worldview-sensitive, chronological Bible “story sets” for each specific group — typically 40 to 60 stories in a two-year period. Mother-tongue speakers spread the stories to others. These story sets form the beginnings of an “oral Bible” to be told and retold for generations.

Along with the development of story sets, other essential outcomes for a two-year OneStory Quest project include:

• Training mother-tongue speakers to tell the stories within their people groups to facilitate evangelism, discipleship and church planting movements.
• Audio recordings of the stories archived for reference (to keep stories accurate), for distribution through broad sowing (listening groups, audio tapes, CDs) and for use in radio broadcasts.
• Documentation of the project’s worldview research, reviews for biblical integrity with supporting notes, and description of the project results.
• Planning for follow-up ministry by the partnering agencies and the established local church plants

Our goal is to be a catalyst in initiating such work in more than 5,500 UPGs (unreached people groups) by the year 2020.

The OneStory partnership includes Campus Crusade for Christ, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Trans World Radio, Wycliffe International and YWAM, and involves other Great Commission agencies, churches and individuals.

OneStory’s unique training process has been tested in multiple countries and many languages. Mobilization efforts are underway in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America to train and equip workers to reach out in their own countries and across borders as well.